Renewable Energy & Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) With Battery Storage

In these troubling time we realise the importance of managing cost, being able to budget responsibly and offer a solution to bring you a larger total if not a degree of Energy independence.

Why should we go Solar?:

By choosing a solar PV system right for you it can empower you to take control of your energy security. There are a number of benefits to choosing this as outlined below:

Environmental benefits:

By adopting Solar PV into your lives this with bring a large reduction of your Carbon Footprint. This helps maintain the planets equilibrium, and provides us all with a safer place to call home.

Energy independence:

Wouldn't it be nice to have peace of mind not to worry of rising energy costs, be self sufficient and confident in knowing "it doesn't matter" regardless of world affairs?

Financial Benefits:

with rising costs, the "payback period" the amount of time typically it can take to recoup your investment is halving, typical 3-5 years, and now some projections are showing this achieved with 2-3 years. Systems typical are warranties for a min of 10 years, and systems installed in the 1990's are still going strong. From there on in its free electricity. What is there to wait for?

Future Planning & EV's:

hey if you haven't heard were going electric! the world is making its transition to EV's (Electric Vehicles). This unlike ever before will allow us to fuel our vehicle from the driveway, in the day when the sunshines, or even during our sleep. Are you thinking if changing, perhaps you need to factor in a Solar PV system that will allow you to do this for eventually for free?

What is a Solar PV and Battery Solution?

Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) is Essentially a solar panel Array/System that transforms free light radiation from our sun into DC Electricity, this is then passed to a system known as an inverter which converts "DC" Direct Current Electricity into "AC" Alternating Current Electricity, this is what we are supplied to our homes via the "grid" electricity grid, And what we all rely on to power our modern homes & lives. Like.... Clothes washing, water heating, Lighting, TV & Internet, Electric Cars , Home & garden batterry power tools, etc....

The Battery... In conjunction with a Solar PV Array, Batteries can be used to store this energy for time when there is no Solar generation, for example at night or during darker winter months. Modern batteries in conjunction with EV Electric Vehicle Charge-points, can be "set" to only charge/store with "green" solar energy.

Is it worth getting a Solar Battery?

Generally Yes. Each situation merits its own case, but on the whole its essential to have a battery set up nowadays with Solar PV.

Individual Circumstances, depend upon such factors:

  • Are you already on solar?
  • Are you on an old Government Buy back Scheme?
  • Geography
  • Roof-space

Call us to discuss you Individual situation if we can help we will.