EV (Electric Vehicle) Charge points:

Congratulations! Your going Electric.

If you're reading this page, your probably thinking of, if not already have ordered an Electric Vehicle. So you'll need to charge it from home, yes you will. . .

We can help - Get in touch today to enquire about our range of chargers from Manufacturers such as My Energi - Zappi, Hendersen, Pod point, Wallbox, and many more. . .

Each installation warrants different requirements, some cost as little as £300+ up to £900, it isn't always better to go for the cheaper chargers as often they require additional installation methods, and products, that don't make them affordable as once envisaged. It's a minefield but we can help.


What is the Cost:

Full installation costs can vary from £600 - £1500

How much time do I need to Plan?

Parts are difficult to source at present so if you've just ordered s vehicle typically lead times for vehicles are around 6-9 months this is plenty of time to arrange with us, however if you buying second hand you need to get this arranged ASAP. Install once we have all the equipment usually take around a day.

Are cheap chargers just as good as the more expensive ones?

They can be but there are several factors to consider... Charge rate, built in Safety Devices, typically the cheaper devices don't have the requires Safety devices such as PEN fault protection, Type A/B RCD's, whereas the more expensive units have it all in one neat bundle

How long does it take to charge a car?

This is a "how long bit of string" question we get asked a lot. There is a spreadsheet chart available form the OZEV website showing a list of typical charge times...